Setting up "See What's In Store" (SWIS) with Pointy is very simple. The only additional information that we require on top of the basic Pointy service is your product prices. 

If you initially set up Pointy by plugging a Pointy device into your barcode scanner, there are two ways that we can receive your product prices for this feature. 

  1. You can upload a spreadsheet with your product prices, or 
  2. You can install an upgraded Pointy box that connects to your receipt printer. This box will automatically update your product prices as you print receipts.  

Option 1, uploading spreadsheets, is free and there is a one-time payment of $149 to receive an additional box to avail of option 2.

If you installed our POS app (on Clover, Lightspeed or Square) we should be able to source your prices directly from your POS.

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