Yes, the Pointy box is designed to remain connected to your Point of Sale. Doing so will ensure that your Pointy page is kept up-to-date with your current in-store inventory.

  • The in-stock status of each product on your Pointy page is updated constantly, based on how recently the product was scanned. 

Our system is designed to update the stock status based on the characteristics of each individual product. A slow-selling product will be remain on your Pointy page even if it has not been scanned for a long time, whereas a fast-selling product will be marked as Out of Stock more promptly if it is no longer being scanned. Products that have not been scanned for a very long time will be removed from your page.

We do this to ensure that consumers using Pointy have an accurate picture of what products are currently available in your store. If you notice a product drop off your page in error you can easily return it to your page: simply scan it again to indicate that it’s in stock.

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