It's very simple to connect Pointy. You should find step-by-step instructions in the pack we sent you. 

The steps vary slightly depending on your barcode scanner, so please refer to the instructions included for your particular model of barcode scanner. For USB scanners, the basic steps are:

  • Disconnect your barcode scanner from your POS (note the USB port you removed it from).
  • Plug the large end of the USB lead we provided into this port, and plug the small end into your Pointy box.
  • Now plug your barcode scanner into the Pointy box.

Please click the relevant link below to see installation instructions for your barcode scanner:

RS232 (Serial)

Once installed properly, the Pointy box should connect to the strongest cellular network. This can take a few minutes. Once this process completes, you should see a constant green light on your Pointy box. You have now installed Pointy!

If you experience any problems, please see our troubleshooting guide.

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